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Re: Weltschmertz

What's why I love Umka - the voice of reason! This message board supposed 
to be dedicated to her art: music and poetry. Digital, analog - who cares? 
The technique is not important - the message and idea is. Back then we used 
to listen to the 25th copy of the album on the some horrible Russian 
boombox and enjoyed it. Did we love her less because of the quality of 
tape? Of course not! Now I have ability to download her music from 
thousands of miles away and cut CDs. Do I love her more because of it? Of 
course I do - how many musicians of her caliber do you know will give away 
their music for free?  About my use of English, I think Umka said it the 
best and I'm not gonna repeat it, if you don't like it it's your problem!
Love, Yuriy.