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Re: Weltschmertz

Хей, Юра, хотя я в большей степени с тобой согласен,
но если в леттерсе только и заниматься тем, что петь
дифирамбы некоей У., то в скором времени кроме горстки
малолетних фанатов (ой, а тут бывают и такие?) здесь
больше никто появляться не будет. Умка - хорошо,
канешна, но мир состоит не только из не :)

> What's why I love Umka - the voice of reason! This message board supposed
> to be dedicated to her art: music and poetry. Digital, analog - who cares?
> The technique is not important - the message and idea is. Back then we
> to listen to the 25th copy of the album on the some horrible Russian
> boombox and enjoyed it. Did we love her less because of the quality of
> tape? Of course not! Now I have ability to download her music from
> thousands of miles away and cut CDs. Do I love her more because of it? Of
> course I do - how many musicians of her caliber do you know will give away
> their music for free?  About my use of English, I think Umka said it the
> best and I'm not gonna repeat it, if you don't like it it's your problem!
> Love, Yuriy.