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Re: Re[4]: германцы.

Couldn't help myself... Well, as they say, ignorance is bliss...
If you have any questions -- lookup those names on the Internet, OK?

Black scientists:
Geraldine E. Woods
Percy Julian
Edward Hawthorne
George Carruthers
Walter Massey
Meredith Gourdine
Jewell Plummer Cobb
Adolphus Milligan
Walter Lincoln Hawkins
Warren Henry
Charles Drew
George Washington Carver
Lewis Latimer

Movie directors:
Spike Lee
Morgan Freeman
Martin Lawrence
Sidney Poitier
Forest Whitaker

Good luck,

At 05:51 PM 7/23/01, you wrote:
Привет Dmitry,

TOH>> Вот например, кто-нибудь знает ученых негров?
TOH>> Я что-то не слышал о таком.

Как на счет черных режиссеров?

Тим О'Ги