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Re: no subj (Про Грасси)

Hello Alexandra,

Wednesday, June 06, 2001, 11:16:33 PM, you wrote:

AG> Это такая девушка.
AG> Грасси - имя, Лоун - фамилия.
AG> Остальное не важно. Ну вот.
AG> Только думают. От этого получается мертвая. Потому что плохо. Хелп!

AG>  Grassy Loan watches the sky
AG>  трам-пам-пам (не помню)

AG>  (c) хотя и с ней вы, наверно, не знакомы.

AG>  Вот.
AG> ---
AG> Cашка (Sashka, a ne &?$@#)

Grassy Loan,
she sits on her own
And this is the things she means:
The sun is down
The sky is a crown
Of an unaugurated queen...

Just a shinin' sphere
Twists around here
Rockin' between the pines
This ugly light,
It has broken the night
It has burnt out a horizon line

Her mama said
She comes pretty sad
She said that the soup comes cold:
The nineteenth day
is going away
But still Grassy's no life signs at all

Pretty blue
High by the glue
Grassy looks with her crossed muddy eyes
She sees the sunrise
She sees the dark
She notices no days're goin' by

Grassy Loan
Looks at the stone
She's sitting on pretty and fine
Grassy Loan,
She's drugged to the bone
She's just hardly stoned all the time


Best regards,
 Boober                            mailto:pranayama@chat.ru