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Re[3]: :-(

Hello Yuri,

>>> "в поле ветеp - в попе дым"... Hаш-то тутошний, должно быть
>>> из последней плеяды ассимилянтов, котоpые стыдятся своей
>>> pусскости или pусскоязычности.

MY>> Excuse me, but, to support this unfortunate guy, I consider starting
MY>> writing in English too...

YK> Yeah... Quite reasonable decision. I don't understand Sergey's
YK> aggressiveness again :((
YK> Well, it's time to mobilize all my English reserve... Vocabularies,
YK> stupid e-translators,  some inspiration which can replace real
YK> knowledge... mmm... I think we can do it all together :)

YK> No chauvinism in letter! And everywhere...

Yeap guys well cum 2 UZone.

Timmi Hydra