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Re[2]: :-(

>> "в поле ветеp - в попе дым"... Hаш-то тутошний, должно быть
>> из последней плеяды ассимилянтов, котоpые стыдятся своей
>> pусскости или pусскоязычности.

MY> Excuse me, but, to support this unfortunate guy, I consider starting
MY> writing in English too...

Yeah... Quite reasonable decision. I don't understand Sergey's
aggressiveness again :((
Well, it's time to mobilize all my English reserve... Vocabularies,
stupid e-translators,  some inspiration which can replace real
knowledge... mmm... I think we can do it all together :)

No chauvinism in letter! And everywhere...

And let's not talk about who began first. The smartest person is that
one who stops first, isn't it?

Sorry for bad English, it's only first steps ;)