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Re: Weltschmertz


++ 08/01/01 07:15 -0800 - Yuriy Pragin:
> Hi,
> There are two reasons why I write in English: first -- I live in US for many
> years now, so it's easier for me, second -- I don't have a Russian keyboard,
> so type in Russian is a big pain in the butt. For you, my friend, I would
> highly recommend studying English, so you can use wealth of information on
> the Internet, which is 99% in English. But of course, as they say --
> ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately I have no idea why when I send
> English/Russian mix encoding is wrong. Seems that your email converter on
> the server cannot understand Outlook Reach Text correctly.

Sorry, but your precious "Innerlook" client sets encoding to
iso-8859-1  (Of course, as normal user, you never looked at headers of
your e-mails, did you?). Every correct mail client that follows
standards puts question signs instead of writing you krakozyabra. So
it is your fault.

Love,  ;-)