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Re: Weltschmertz

a znaete, mozhno ved' eshe latinskimi bukovkami russkij tekst nabivat', esli
net russkoj klaviatury. Poprobuyte, esli hotite, chtoby lyudi chitali to,
chto Vy napisali. Vy ved' , navernoe, ne dlja sebja v letters pishete?

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From: "Yuriy Pragin" <yuriy@pragin.cncdsl.com>
To: <letters@umka.ru>
Sent: Monday, January 08, 2001 5:15 PM
Subject: RE: Weltschmertz

> Hi,
> There are two reasons why I write in English: first -- I live in US for
> years now, so it's easier for me, second -- I don't have a Russian
> so type in Russian is a big pain in the butt. For you, my friend, I would
> highly recommend studying English, so you can use wealth of information on
> the Internet, which is 99% in English. But of course, as they say --
> ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately I have no idea why when I send
> English/Russian mix encoding is wrong. Seems that your email converter on
> the server cannot understand Outlook Reach Text correctly.
> Love,
> Yuriy.