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[Fwd: PS as the daughter of the Grateful Dead]

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Subject: PS as the daughter of the Grateful Dead
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 10:38:46 -0700
From: randyr@soundstrue.com (Randy Roark)
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>From Lenny Kaye's notes to the reissue of "Live/Dead" in the new 12-CD
"Golden Road" collection.

Reviewing "Live/Dead" for "Rolling Stone" in the shadow of the '70s, I
some noises about how, if you'd like to see a place where music will be
five years, this was where to find it. I was off by a year. On November
1975, the anniversary of Arthur Rimbaud's death, an album named "Horses"
released, and though the band that flurried through it was part of
bohemian generation, their sense of endless improvisation had been
encouraged by the Dead's collective energy, commitment, and interstellar
cosmology. All praise be.