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Re[3]: black cat

Hello Mux.,

, 31  01, you wrote:

>>This joke aimed only to amuse you. ;))

Mn> .... and my reply was only aimed to make you listen to the recording, maybe even 
Mn> more than one ;))

I thought about it, but you know, smts one need a kind of impulse to
start listening a new sort of music. Just right now I'm adding some
inspiration watching "Crossroads"... Who knows wtat it'll turn into :)

>>Huh... I was wondering what could be said about 'mbirukov'... :)
>>Once more Howling Wolf? Got no idea.

Mn> Funny how the automated translation web service interprete my second name: 
Mn> "unsociable persons" ;))) Take this as an option. ;)))

No problem :)

Best regards,
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