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Re: Unauthorized compilation?

Запись в бортовом журнале от 13.06.2001, 19:00:
Прямо по курсу - Yuriy. На абордаж!

YP> Hey people,

YP> Anybody knows what this is?
YP> http://www.rbcmp3.com/store/product.asp?dept%5Fid=12048&sku=26690

YP> This album is not listed on http://www.umka.ru/albums/index.html, so does 
YP> it mean that this is unauthorized compilation?

You're wrong. This is official compilation and all tracks are same as
albums', except no.17 - live record from Zoo, St.-Peterburg.

YP> Thanks,
YP> Yuriy

(C) 13.06.2001 Tim Wizard