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Re: FORPOST concerts from 25-02-2000 and 27-02-2000


Yuriy Pragin wrote:
> Just to let you know -- I've just found Umka's FORPOST concerts from
> 25-02-2000 and 27-02-2000 in MP3 format in
> http://www.umka.ru/mpeg/Forpost25-02-2000/ and
> http://www.umka.ru/mpeg/Forpost27-02-2000/ folders. Maybe they always been
> there, but the main site doesn't have any links to them, so for me it was a
> very nice surprise!

Дык, с ноября они там :)) Только тс-с...
У меня есть программка, которая сообщает, когда заданные странички обновились, так одна из
них - http://www.umka.ru/mpeg/ , хе-хе.

> By the way -- the performance and recording quality are
> absolutely stellar! Wish I could have been there... The energy and passion
> is at an all time high! Great music. Thank you, Umka!